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The service your company provides is top quality -- from initial request for information to the job posting and support throughout, made the task and investment seamless. 

Your attention and responsiveness to our requirements, made my job easier!

Sheila Herod
Optima Communications, Toronto, Ontario

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The writer assumes this opportunity to convey our sincere appreciation for your assistance in publishing career opportunities at Peel Mutual Insurance Company.  In a brief period of time, we received a multiplicity of applications from some very qualified candidates.  I am pleased to report that we have extended an employment offer to several of those applicants.

It is without hesitation that the writer can recommend the services of InsuranceWorks to any insurer seeking to communicate their message to a community of qualified candidates.

John Lockwood
Peel Mutual Insurance Company, Brampton, Ontario

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“Please make it stop!  The influx of resumes, I mean....since we placed the ad, we have had dozens of applicants, and were able to narrow it down to one very top-notch candidate. has always been very successful for us.  Thank you for your help. “

Donna Grabowski, Partner
Axion Insurance Services Inc., North York

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Effective hiring tool!  Most of our new hires come from

Phong Le
Lundgren and Young Insurance Limited, Calgary, Alberta

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I must say that it has been a pleasure doing business with you over the past few months, your professional manner and keen attention to our account ensured that our company is kept current of your products/services in a timely manner.

Further, we have had great success in hiring for the two positions that were posted through InsuranceWorks. We not only receieved a large applicant pool, we also had quality candidates from which to make our selection -- great value for investment.

Your customer service is second to none,  and it is a pleasure to do business with you. 

Althea L. Gordon
NFP Canada Corp., Toronto, Ontario

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