How The Billionaires in the world can help you!

by January 20, 2014

What are billionaires doing differently from the rest of us, and how can doing those things ourselves contribute to our own success? Read the article below as published by Paul C Brunson, Matchmaker.

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15% off 2 job posting pack - only $626.45

by January 13, 2014

Great job posting special!

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by November 7, 2013 is proud to announce that we have surpassed 38,000 registered jobseekers. We thank all of our supporters for 15 years as Canada's Leading Insurance Jobsite!

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Discounts now available to IBAA members!

by November 5, 2013 is proud to announce a unique program to assist Alberta brokers with their recruiting needs. The IBAA has named as its trusted source of insurance candidates for its membership. This partnership is cemented by a (…)

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How Not to Succeed: Career-limiting Mistakes

by Michelle Straka, President September 3, 2013

Read on to find out the mistakes some brokers make when pursuing their career as a broker.

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Canadian Experience and Human Rights

by Michelle Straka, President July 16, 2013

Read how the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Changing Demographics will make employers who turn away candidates without Canadian experience a thing of the past.

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by Insuranceworks ca June 18, 2013

Updating your Quick Profile/Resume to include a full resume with contact information before July 31st, 2013 will get you entered to win a $250 Visa gift card...shipped right to your door. We are giving away lots of prizes with a draw date (…)

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Julie Hanna, Chair of the Board, Kiva on starting her career

by Michelle Straka, President, Inc. May 21, 2013

As a follow up to my last blog post, here is Julie Hanna, Chair of the Board, Kiva talking about how she decided on her career path, and what followed from it. Julie Hanna's accomplishments include creating what is now known as WebMD.

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Changing Work World Alters Career Planning

by Michelle Straka, President, Inc. April 15, 2013

Special thanks to my niece who inspired a blog post on a particularly difficult Monday morning.

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From Posting to Engaging

by Michelle Straka, President, Inc. April 3, 2013

An exploration of social recruiting.

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