Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

What’s an Insurance Broker?

Brokers are insurance providers who are uniquely positioned to represent the best interests
of the little guy—their customers. They don’t work for insurance companies; they shop for
policies from multiple companies to find the best product and price. They are consumers’
only source of independent, expert insurance advice.

Within a brokerage, there are many different career paths to choose from. The jobs and functions at each brokerage are tailored to their specific business, so there’s a lot of interesting opportunities to be had.

What do Insurance Brokers Do?

1. Determine what insurance your clients need.
2. Have your clients’ back in the instance they make a claim, and help them navigate the fine print of insurance contracts.
3. Provide insightful advice—as an insurance expert, you’ll know the game and all the rules.
4. Deliver insurance products that suit your clients’ individual needs.

Check out what a day in the life looks like for a:

Claims Specialist

Account Executive

Managing Partner