Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

What are Your Career Options?

There are many different roles and responsibilities within insurance brokerages depending on your skills and interests.


Customer Service Representative (CSR)/Account Manager
CSRs put policies in place and process policy changes to ensure clients have proper insurance in place to protect their homes, cars, possessions and businesses. 

Approximate Salary Range: $33,000–$120,000*


Technical Service Representative (TSR)/Administrative Assistant
TSRs are responsible for assisting CSRs and Producers enter data into the brokerage’s computer system and provide quality control. 

Approximate Salary Range: $20,000–$47,000*


Producer/Account Executive
Producers represent a brokerage’s sales force. They’re responsible for ensuring consumers have the best coverage at the best price, and for advocating on their behalf in the event of a claim. 

Approximate Salary Range: $30,000–$100,000*


Claims Specialist
Claims Specialists oversee the claims process, ensuring that claims proceed in a quick and efficient manner. They confirm that clients receive the settlement they’re entitled to and are content with the service and/or repairs. 

Approximate Salary Range: $51,000–$125,000*


Brokerage management organizes and coordinates o­ffice operations and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness and e­fficiency. 

Approximate Salary Range: $42,000–$400,000*


What are the Benefits? 
Being an insurance broker is one of the most personally satisfying careers in the insurance industry.


Make a Significant Impact—Insurance brokers protect what matters most in people’s lives – their homes, cars, cottages, businesses and important assets. Brokers are there to stand up for their customers and provide comfort when they’ve suffered a loss.


Create Meaningful Relationships—Recognizing your clients’ needs, protecting their assets and giving them peace of mind builds trust and long-lasting connections.  


Contribute to your Community—Brokers are active members of the communities they serve. They participate in local events and contribute to local charities and causes.


Continuously Develop as a Professional—As a broker, your education and training is ongoing and put to use on a daily basis.