10 Unconventional (But Very Effective) Tips For Job Seekers

by Forbes April 27, 2015

In the market for a new job? You’ve probably been urged to “pursue your passions,” “leverage your network,” “tailor and tidy up your resume,” “do your homework,” and “dress for success”—among other things.

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La Rentree: The Fifth Season.

by Michelle Straka, InsuranceWorks.ca September 5, 2014

Back to School.  According to the French it’s more accurately known as la rentree.  To re-enter regular life or get back to normal.  That is really what this time of year is all about. As the summer winds down and kids are back (…)

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Big Data Predicting Employee Turnover

by Marginal Revolution July 11, 2014

This is for call center operators: The results are surprising. Some are quirky: employees who are members of one or two social networks were found to stay in their job for longer than those who belonged to four or more social networks (Xerox (…)

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June 2013 - June 2014 Stats Report

by InsuranceWorks.ca July 2, 2014

The numbers don't lie! InsuranceWorks.ca stats from June 2013 - June 2014 prove the value of InsuranceWorks.ca's job posting, resume search and digital advertising services. We connect you to the largest community of insurance professionals, (…)

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To Post or Not To Post on Kijiji

by InsuranceWorks.ca June 17, 2014

It's the second time in just over a year.  The second time that someone has been terribly hurt after responding to a listing on Kijiji.ca.  Free posting sites are tempting for anyone whether they are selling a car, a used TV or their (…)

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Get the edge over rival jobseekers

by InsuranceWorks.ca June 4, 2014

How to tailor your resume to a job postingOnce, not so very long ago, you created a resume, named it and saved it on your desktop. There it stayed as you emailed it over and over again to the inboxes of potential employers.We are here to tell you (…)

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How to build an effective online campaign

by InsuranceWorks.ca June 3, 2014

Doing anything online today involves gathering a loyal following.  If you spend anytime online, especially if that time online is spent on social media, you will know how important it is to gain followers.  The key to gaining followers is (…)

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Management Career Networking Event

by Insuranceworks.ca May 26, 2014

Join us for a seminar to talk about the exciting opportunities available in the Career Sales Force sales management path.

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Jobseeker Contest Winners: April 18 and 25

by InsuranceWorks.ca May 5, 2014

Join us in congratulating Rooptej Cheema and Robert Martinez, both winners of our Jobseeker Services Giveaway Contest. Robert and Rooptej have won a bundle package of services for 90 days that include: Supercharge your (…)

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Jobseeker Contest Winners: April 4 and 11

by InsuranceWorks.ca April 17, 2014

Join us in congratulating Jason Park and Asmita Merida, the first two winners of our Jobseeker Services Giveaway Contest. Jason and Asmita have won a bundle package of services for 90 days that include: Supercharge your profile:  Highlighted (…)

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