Flexible work arrangements on the rise

by Globe and Mail October 11, 2012

More employers offering flexible work arrangements to better meet employees needs while still meeting business needs.

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Top Employers Take the Sting Out of The Daily Commute

by www.globeandmail.com October 9, 2012

Forward-thinking solutions to commuter challenges.

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The 12 Most Overrated Jobs in 2012

by Business Insider October 3, 2012

Read about the 12 Most Overrated Jobs in 2012...it may surprise you!

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by InsuranceWorks September 6, 2012

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InsuranceWorks.ca and Canadian Insurance Top Broker have teamed up!!

by InsuranceWorks.ca August 21, 2012

InsuranceWorks.ca is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Canadian Insurance Top Broker

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Find a Healthy Career in Health Insurance

by InsuranceWorks.ca July 12, 2012

With an optimistic attitude, health insurance sales jobs are a great career choice for fresh and recent grads. Before entering the insurance industry, continue reading for facts on what you can anticipate from this line of work.

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Insurance Sales - A Fruitful Switch

by InsuranceWorks.ca July 11, 2012

A profession in insurance sales can be quite the venture, even for someone with previous sales experience. Although the most fruitful agents in the country make more than $1 million annually, many of those who sign on to sell insurance wash out (…)

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Survey Indicates Insurance Employment to Grow in Q3

by InsuranceWorks.ca July 6, 2012

In June 2012, ManPower released its quarterly employment outlook survey results to measure Canada's net employment outlook for the third quarter in 2012. The finance, insurance & real estate sector looks like it'll have a net increase of employment (…)

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Insuranceworks.ca Movie Pass Giveaway!!!

by Insuranceworks.ca July 4, 2012

InsuranceWorks.ca is offering a chance to win several movie tickets!!

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Insurance Underwriter as a Profession

by InsuranceWorks.ca June 27, 2012

Todd Blandin, director of product marketing for LOMA, an insurance industry trade association, says "Underwriting is a key position". "If an underwriter makes a mistake, it could affect 20,000 policies. If the company loses $500 on each policy, the (…)

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