We've Launched New Jobseeker Services

InsuranceWorks.ca is excited to announce its biggest update ever to jobseeker services.

"Based on feedback from our Jobseeker community, we realized that our Jobseekers were craving new service options to enhance their online job searches.  We chose what we think are the best and most value-added trends in online job search services and put our own twist on them. InsuranceWorks.ca has always been known for a straightforward approach to online recruiting services, and we took the same approach to these new Jobseeker services," says Michelle Straka, President of InsuranceWorks.ca.

Premium Add-on Jobseeker Services include:

  • Featured/Highlighted Resume
  • Send Your Resume to Employer/Recruiter Accounts
  • Hide Your Resume from any Employer/Recruiter in our system
  • Resume Writing Assistance

Jobseekers can upgrade when they register or anytime afterwards!

Please call our customer service team at 1-877-846-6604 if you have any questions.