How to build an effective online campaign

Doing anything online today involves gathering a loyal following.  If you spend anytime online, especially if that time online is spent on social media, you will know how important it is to gain followers.  The key to gaining followers is to post compelling content on a variety of venues.  Some people tend to favour one site or app over another for personal use, but professionally or from a corporate standpoint you really must reach out to as many potential followers as you can.

What is a follower to your employer brand?  A follower, whether or not they have actually connected with you online, is someone who is attracted by a piece of news that you publish...whether it is a new product, philosophy or career opportunity.

Some hiring managers have their go-to recruitment venues that they use, and it is easy to get stuck in that rut.  Online, however, it is key to spread out your reach.  For example, let’s take your favourite celebrity or public figure.  You’ll read their tweets, view their pics on Instagram and visit their websites for news on their appearances, movies or music releases.  It’s that broad approach to publishing their brand that ensures all of their fans or followers are receiving their updates.

As such, when it comes to online recruitment organizations need to expand their reach beyond one jobsite.  That is why we have priced our introductory services to fit into any existing recruitment budget.  Don’t wait until your next round of fiscal budgeting to incorporate us into your recruitment strategy.  If you do you could very well miss out on your next group of new job followers.

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