Get the edge over rival jobseekers

How to tailor your resume to a job posting

Once, not so very long ago, you created a resume, named it and saved it on your desktop. There it stayed as you emailed it over and over again to the inboxes of potential employers.

We are here to tell you that the game has changed.

As if job searches weren't hard enough to navigate, you now must tailor your resume to target the job you are applying to. Sounds difficult, right? It was hard enough to complete the first one.

Not necessarily so.

Keywords are the necessary ingredient to tailoring your resume. They are the words that human resource systems use to determine if the resume of a candidate is worth being uploaded into their records. All that you have to do is ensure that your resume includes these keywords.

Now, this is not as difficult as it sounds. Each job posting will have specific keywords that will jump out at you. They are words that are specific or important to that posting. So scan the posting, pick out the words, and make sure you add them to your resume.

Hint: they are usually industry or position specific and they are sometimes action words.