La Rentree:  The Fifth Season.

Back to School. 

According to the French it’s more accurately known as la rentree.  To re-enter regular life or get back to normal.  That is really what this time of year is all about. As the summer winds down and kids are back in school, traffic becomes more congested, commuter trains get busier and the office just seems to have regained a buzz that it lost over the summer.

It’s no wonder that we scale back in the summer even during our adult lives; especially in Canada where the warm weather is so fleeting.  We spend our formative years looking forward to summer when it begins and taking full advantage of it, only to mourn the loss of it when September rolls around.  

Despite this, the jobseeker particularly welcomes this time of year.  Hiring managers return to the office and suddenly job vacancies that weren’t getting the attention they deserved become important again.  If you haven’t already, you will soon see the number of online job postings spike.  There is only 4 months left of the year, and hiring managers who haven’t met their hiring goals will work hard to fill those vacancies.

Jobseekers: it’s important to spruce up your resume and show Employers what you’ve got.  

Employers:  Jobseekers haven’t gone anywhere so if you’ve held back on your recruiting during the summer, well then, it’s time to get cracking and post those jobs.

La Rentree!