Interview Skills, Candidate Profiles, and Hiring Managers

What do HR professionals have to say about Hiring Managers?

As we continue to explore the results from our survey of HR professionals from around the globe, I wanted to look at what our survey respondents told us about the all-important interview process. And of course, you can’t talk about interviews without talking about hiring managers, so we’ll see what there is to say about them, too.

There was a study done by Michigan State University that reported interviews made up 90% of the hiring decision. Only 23% of respondents in the 2015 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey felt the interview had that much influence (7% of those felt 100% of the hiring decision was based on the interview). When we look at the weighted average, though, 74% of the hiring decision is based on the interview, according to our respondents. No matter which way you look at it, this is a critical element of the process to get right.

And that’s the question, are companies getting it right?

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