Keep those bridges unburnt: How to quit that bad job on a high note

It may be difficult, but never burn those bridges!

When leaving a job you dislike, it can be tempting to tell off your boss and book it for the beach that same afternoon. But while sudden, dramatic departures make potent material for late-afternoon daydreams, real-life resignations should be calculated and respectful. If it’s time to quit, don’t blow it.

Whether you’re finally escaping a toxic environment or simply transitioning to up-the-ladder pastures, you need a solid exit plan. Walk into your boss’ office unprepared, and you might stutter a slew of overshares.

Instead, plot what you’ll say and when you’ll say it. Book a meeting with your superior for a convenient time of day — such as late morning or afternoon — and practise your talking points aloud in advance.

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