Insurance Tech as a Means to - Increased Job Satisfaction?

With the new changes in insurance technologies, there are some insurance professionals that have been weary of their job security. Here's a critical viewpoint: New insurance technologies can actually increase the levels of job satisfaction for insurance professionals.

   There have been immense debates in the insurance industry of whether new insurance technologies are mutually beneficial to consumers and employees alike. The topic of insurance technology begs to ask the question, “Are underwriting roles at risk of extinction as a result of new underwriting technological advances?”. Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves.

   According to Neil Betteridge, Guidewire’s VP of Strategy, underwriters may have less to worry about, and more to look forward to. Betteridge predicts that these tech advances will essentially increase job satisfaction for underwriters. Underwriting technologies will help handle simpler accounts. This way, underwriters will have the opportunity to focus on tasks that cannot be resolved using underwriting technology. Thereof, underwriters will be able to focus on the more complex side cases of their business, increasing their job engagement.