Job Description

1. Job Summary
Reporting to the Marketing Director, Insurance Services, the incumbent is responsible for managing the Risk Management & underwriting Services Branch including product development, implementation and execution of Risk Management & underwriting Services.
As a member of the management team, provides input in the development of strategic objectives of the Department.

2. Unit Mandate
As part of the Insurance Division, the Risk Management and Underwriting Unit provides clients with risk management and underwriting services.

3. Job Activities/Tasks
? Oversees the policy management/issuance activities including but not limited to pre-renewal, policy issuance, endorsements, certificates and new business quotations
? Provides oversight for Reciprocal insurance products such as Comprehensive General Liability, Fleet Vehicle, Property, Directors & Officers as well as Crime, Excess, Credit and any other insurance programs outside the purview of Reciprocal products
? Participates in reinsurance reviews and placement activities
? Provides counsel to Subscribers on underwriting matters
? Develops strategies and tools to validate underwriting/rating information
? Utilizes multiple marketing channels (emarketing, corporate websites, personal visits) to implement underwriting strategies and campaigns
? Manages customer expectations and satisfaction regarding underwriting process
Risk Management
? Arranges and/or conducts risk management seminars for Subscribers
? Provides risk management analytic functions including but not limited to identification of trends/frequency and recommend actions to reduce loss exposure, loss frequency and severity
? Conducts onsite risk management assessments and audits
? Utilizes multiple marketing channels (emarketing, corporate websites, personal visits) to implement underwriting strategies and campaigns
? Manages customer expectations and satisfaction regarding risk management process

Unit Management
? Works with the Director to formulate, support and implement long-term strategies for the department
? Oversees and manages work carried out by staff and/or external consultants
? Other duties as assigned

4. Educational Requirements
? Post secondary diploma in business administration, risk management or a relevant discipline
? Certified Risk Management (CRM) designation and Certified Insurance Professional (CIP) designation an asset

5. Skills, Knowledge, Experience
? 5+ years Commercial Lines underwriting experience with a strong emphasis on complex CGL and Property exposures, knowledge of the electricity industry an asset
? Direct knowledge of commercial property/casualty products such as CGL, D&O, Property, Boiler & Machinery, Crime, Fleet Automobile, Excess
? Broad knowledge of all classes of insurance & underwriting issues
? Strong verbal and written communication skills
? Strong presentation, negotiation, facilitation skills
? Excellent time management and organizational skills
? Motivated, high energy team player
? Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office Suite)

6. Working Conditions
? Irregular business hours
? Professional office environment
? Travel within Ontario required
7. Behavioural competencies at Middle Manager Level

Manager, Risk Management & Underwriting Services
Middle Manager Level
Achievement & Innovation Orientation
Makes Cost-Benefit Analyses
? Makes decisions, sets priorities, or chooses goals on the basis of calculated inputs and outputs. (E.g., makes explicit considerations of potential profit and risks or return on investment)
? Analyzes for business outcomes.
? Works with groups to encourage open discussion of opinion through impartial questioning and clarification that is directed toward a positive outcome.
? Demonstrates sensitivity to audience diversity.
? Uses appropriate techniques to elicit participation and have the group come to agreement on solutions.
Customer Focus
Addresses Underlying Customer Needs
? Knows the customer's business and/or seeks information about the real underlying needs of the customer, beyond those expressed initially. Matches these to available (or customized) products or services.
Teamwork & Health & Safety Orientation
Works to Build Team Commitment
? Proactively raises difficult issues within the team providing suggestions and support to move forward.
? Acts to promote good working relationships regardless of personal likes or dislikes and builds good morale, cohesiveness and co-operation within the team.
? Champions the importance of health and safety, and ensures that others comply.
Adapts Tactics
? Evaluates situation and decides what approach to take based on the demands of the situation or the needs of the person.
? This may involve changing guidelines, processes, project deliverables, etc., but would not include changing overall strategy.
Concern for Order and Quality
Monitors Data or Projects
? Monitors progress of a project against milestones or deadlines.
? Monitors data, discovers weaknesses or missing data and seeks out information to keep order.
Developing Others
Provides In-Depth Mentoring, Coaching, or Training
? Arranges appropriate and helpful assignments, formal training, or other experiences for the purpose of fostering a person’s learning and development. (Could include career pathing or career planning)
? Understands and identifies a training or developmental need and establishes new programs or materials to meet it.
4 / 4
Holding People Accountable
Maintains Focus on Desired Performance
? Reviews performance against clear and consistent standards or expectations.
? Holds individuals accountable for results (including meeting budgets, deadlines, quality requirements, conducting high quality, timely performance reviews, safety compliance, observing policies and procedures.)
? Consistently coaches employee(s) with respect to performance against performance plan/annual objectives or other clear standards or expectations.
? Follows through on previously stated consequences including taking a formal stance when performance standards have not been met, by giving an employee a below target performance rating or incentive payout.
Impact and Influence
Calculates Impact of Actions or Words
? Adapts a presentation or discussion to appeal to the interest and level of others.
? Anticipates the effect of an action or other detail on people’s image of the speaker.
? Takes a well-thought-out dramatic or unusual action in order to have a specific impact.
? Anticipates and prepares for others’ reactions.
Organizational Commitment
Supports the Organization
? Acts to support the organization’s missions and goals.
? Makes choices and sets priorities to meet the organization’s needs and fit with the organizational mission.
? Cooperates with others to achieve objectives in the larger organization.
Problem Solving and Strategic Orientation
Analyzes and Addresses Complex Issues
? Breaks down complex situations into smaller parts in a systematic way.
? Recognizes several likely causes of events or multiple consequences of actions. Anticipates obstacles and thinks ahead about next steps.
? Rapidly acquires new information and applies knowledge to analyze issues and resolves problems. Identifies and explains the short-term and long-term effects of a decision.
? Applies and adapts concepts, tools and techniques to new situations.
? Is sought out by others for advice and solutions and is perceived as being adaptable and agile in solving problems. Knows when to use either consensus or independent decision making to facilitate effective implementation.
Team Leadership
Positions Self as the Leader
? Establishes norms for group behaviour (“rules of engagement”) and imposes sanctions on people who violate these norms.
? Sets a good example by personally modeling desired behaviour.
? Takes action to ensure that others buy into leader’s mission, goals, agenda, climate, tone, and policy.
? Contributes to the development and integration of business strategies.


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Job Posting Details

Job Type


Market Segment

Commercial Insurance

Company Type

Recruiting Consultants

Languages Required


Education Required

CIP Partial Completion
FCIP - Partial Completion

Minimum Experience Required

5 to 6 Years