Job Description

Are you an experienced life insurance professional looking to make a change to a proven unique career opportunity?

IDC Insurance Direct Canada is a pioneer in the non face to face selling of life insurance dating back to 2003. We typically don't need to visit clients in person to sell or service insurance policies.

We are looking for someone who will specialize in working with orphans from both our company and from outside sources.  The position will include:

  1. Calling orphans to review their life insurance policy(s) and determine if their current life insurance needs have changed.
  2. Recommend other insurance products that would make sense for them after the review.
  3. Complete applications and be responsible for the application and policy delivery process with them similar what one would expect from a life insurance advisor.  Delivery is not done in person.
  4. Be responsible for taking inbound phone calls from people seeking quotes or advice during their working hours.
  5. There will be some administrative and service work required in order to build up a long term relationship with orphans as not all will require new products on the first call.

While most of our agents work independently from their homes and offices, initially you will work in our Burnaby office.  It is expected that the transition from our office to your home will start in the fourth month and you will be working from home full time no later than the end of the fifth month.  You will be expected to continue to take the calls we get off the internet once you are working from home as you reach out to orphaned clients.

We are able to offer insurance products to clients nationwide through most Canadian insurers. This allows clients and agents to arrange the most suitable insurance solutions without the constraints of having to use “selected companies”, and having to drive to appointments.


This position has guarantee of $4,000 per month for the first six months as you establish your relationships, learn our process and buildup your pipeline of applications.  If commissions earned exceed that amount over that six month period, you keep the extra. After six months it is commission only but our agents average between $50,000 and $90,000 per year and this position should move quickly towards the top end of the range making the draw irrelevant. We offer a competitive over ride and administrative support to process pending business.

There is a benefit plan available after six months with the cost shared equally by you and the company.  

About IDC Insurance Direct Canada

This is a career opportunity to join a team of long term insurance professionals who are dedicated to discovering what our prospects need and providing them with the best insurance solutions.

We offer a complete contact management system and you are also able to write personal business within our system as you would with any MGA.

Responsibilities and Duties

Our system focuses on selling insurance to people through a unique, non face-to-face sales approach. The focus of this position is on phoning and connecting with people who come to us as orphans.  


Four or more years’ experience selling individual life and health insurance products with a track record of success.

Ability to use software of various carriers to illustrate Life, CI, DI and LTC and present solutions to clients through phone and email

You must be licensed to sell individual life, disability and Critical Illness insurance policies in at least one Canadian province.

Required Skills

Candidates must be self-motivated, organized, service oriented, organized and hardworking to diligently manage and service an expanding list of orphans, prospects and in-force clients.  

Computer skills corresponding to the handling of frequent emails, document scanning, file uploading etc. Familiarity with contact management systems a definite asset.

Ability to quickly learn new programs and processes relevant to current insurance sales practices

This position will appeal to experienced life insurance agents looking to make a change in the way they do their business leading to working from home and achieving an above average income . Possibly leaving a career oriented company or changing locations.