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ING Canada

ING Canada seeks to provide a full range of integrated financial services to personal, corporate and institutional clients through a variety of distribution channels, giving them the freedom to choose the option which best suits their individual needs. ING comprises a broad spectrum of prominent companies working close to the customer, many of them operating under their own brand names. ING's strategy, which sets clear objectives, seeks to achieve stable growth while maintaining healthy profitability. ING's financial strength, its comprehensive range of products and services, the wide diversity of its profit sources and the good spread of risks form the basis for ING's continuity and potential. In all its operations, ING strikes a careful balance between the interests of its customers, its shareholders and its employees. It is conscious of its responsibilities in a changing society. Responsiveness to the needs of its customers, entrepreneurship, professionalism, teamwork and integrity are paramount in all ING's activities.
ING Canada
181 University Ave, 7th Floor 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7


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Appraisal Service
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