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The Hull Group

Some may think insurance is ho-hum but at Hull we protect companies shooting Hollywood movies, Boards of Directors during mergers, and cyberspace operators from accidental errors, omissions, infringements, libels and so on (click any button on the left). Other companies offer such coverage but we have been specializing in these areas forever; developing relationships with underwriters, and custom inventing policies for each customer's specific risks and insurance budget. If you glance through some of the articles on this site you'll see that as the world changes these areas can be complex. Off-the-shelf products can be seriously inadequate. For more than 40 years Hull has insisted that its consultants remain on the leading edge. They're expected to be the most up-to-date on contemporary coverages, disclaimers, anomalies, recent court decisions, and the kind of dollars being awarded in lawsuits. And they work daily on customized wording for their client insurance policies. Who wants to talk about insurance? Hull will handle the details for you so competently, that you can forget about perils and enjoy life. We are committed to earning your trust immediately, through unparalleled customer service, inventive thinking, and value-added coverage solutions. We're easy to talk to and we're on your side, because we're a broker, not an insurance company. You may not want to think too much about insurance, but remember that the day might come at any time when everything you've worked for depends on having the right protection. At Hull our most important success is your peace of mind.
The Hull Group
BCE Place 181 Bay Street, Ste. 4200
Toronto, ON M5J 2T3


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