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At SP Data Response Management, we offer a full range of Customer Relationship Management Services. Always at the forefront of delivering best-practice, SP Data is your expert in the evaluation of requirements and the provision of integrated solutions. We invest in our team… At SP Data Response Management, we know that our employees are our primary resource. Our investment in the process of recruiting, selecting and educating our employees is critical to our ongoing success. A fundamental cornerstone of the SP Data Response Management business is recruiting top talent as a critical driver of organizational performance. SP Data is comprised of exceptional PEOPLE that are passionate about the customer and the “customer experience”! Our “centre of excellence” culture and mindset requires SP Data to focus on ensuring that we have the right people in the right roles at the right time providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations. In order to ensure we have the best talent available to staff our client driven projects we have employed state of the art technology to give us the speed needed to deploy work groups effectively ensuring we have the best possible mix of talent available.
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Toronto, ON


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