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Bauman Consulting

Now you can have one of the industry's most successful brokers on your management team to help you become one of the country's most profitable brokers. Rick Bauman founded Bauman Consulting Inc. in 1997, to apply his many years’ experience to provide highly focused, specialized programs, enabling brokers to produce significant, measurable improvements in profits. You'll have the insight and experience of someone who built a general insurance practice over 22 years into an industry leader with a commercial accounts closing rate, pretax profits and revenue per employee far exceeding industry standards. Rick has carefully designed these training programs to help you build new habits that lead to unprecedented profitability. You’ll complete each program knowing the special skills Rick has proven work and apply them immediately to your business for maximum operational success.
Bauman Consulting
402-390 Brant St.
Burlington, ON L7R 4J4


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Appraisal Service
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