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Mass Insurance Brokers Limited

Mass Insurance Brokers Limited is one of Canada’s leading providers of group and retail home and automobile insurance. Our long term, strategic plan is built on achieving the highest professional reputation in the group insurance industry with our groups, their members and our insuring partners. We have achieved this standing through years of experience in working successfully with many of the largest and most prestigious groups, encouraging participation in plan creation and the development of supportive marketing strategies. Our passion for group and retail insurance is reflected in our commitment to our policyholders and group sponsors. By providing excellent products and services at competitive prices and treating each group member as one of our most important customers, we have consistently set ourselves apart from other group insurers and brokers. As an independent brokerage, Mass Insurance Brokers encourages and supports each of our professional staff to act as the group member’s advocate. The policies we provide are specific to the individual needs of each customer and our staff takes the time to outline options and opportunities to help each customer make an educated decision. This strategy, in combination with our constant efforts to provide better rates through the power of group buying has increased our success and professional reputation within our industry and with our current groups. Mass Insurance Brokers provides an innovative, customer centric environment for the Insurance professional. If you are looking for a career path and competitive compensation and benefits contact Mass Insurance Brokers today!
Mass Insurance Brokers Limited
59 Main Street North
Markham, ON L3P1X7


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Insurance Brokerage
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