How to Ask for a Reference for a Job

par Alison Doyle 14 mai 2018

We all require a job reference at some point during our job hunting career. These references are what makes it or breaks it for us which is why, who we ask and how we ask for one is a big deal. When are references required? How does one ask an (…)

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Job Application Email Example and Writing Tips

par Alison Doyle 25 avril 2018

Email applications are one of the most common ways to apply for a job today. Besides your cover letter and resume, there are a few other aspects that are important in your application. From the subject line to your closing line, here are some tips (…)

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Tips for Writing a Great LinkedIn Summary With Examples

par Ed Han 8 février 2018

After taking a quick look at your profile picture on LinkedIn, typically the next thing your viewers/recruiters will look at is your summary. So why not ensure your summary is up-to date and best reflects you as a professional and individual. Take a (…)

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How to Be More Productive in 2018

par Shawn Murphy 30 décembre 2017

Let's make 2018 the year we all become more productive!

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Aviva to provide commercial auto insurance to Ontario’s Lyft drivers

par Lyle Adriano 13 décembre 2017

"Aviva Canada will provide comprehensive commercial auto insurance for ridesharing company Lyft’s drivers in Ontario."

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Ready for a New Job in 2018? It Might Be Time - Depending on How You Answer These Questions

par Roger Lear 12 décembre 2017

"For workers, 2018 will be your time to STRIKE to forward your career goals and financial outlook."

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How to Apply for a Job You’re Overqualified For

par Rebecca Knight 9 novembre 2017

Do you have 5+ years of experience when the posting is only asking for 3 years? If yes, that's okay. There are many reasons why someone would apply for a job they may be overqualified for. Keep in mind there are many principles to remember when doing (…)

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CNA Canada announces partnership for social good

par Sam Boyer 9 novembre 2017

Who wouldn't love a greener, healthier Canada? For it's 100th birthday in the country, CNA Canada has formed a new partnership program with Tree Canada"to help ensure a greener, healthier Canada".Click to read more:

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How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work from Home

par Rebecca Knight 19 octobre 2017

Who wouldn't like the idea of doing their job from the comforts of their own home? Click to find out how to convince your boss to let you do it!

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British Columbians want choice and competition in auto insurance: poll

par Isabella Zavarise 17 octobre 2017

British Columbians pay some of the highest insurance premiums across the country!

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