Would you trade privacy for cheaper car insurance? Some Canadians do

par Yvonne Colbert 16 mai 2017

Privacy or cheaper car insurance? What's more important to you?

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8 Minor Job Search Decisions You Can Stop Overthinking

par Nell Wulfhart 10 avril 2017

Stop overthinking and get on with your job search!

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Health Canada Urged to Clear Way For Medical Pot Insurance

par Andrea Huncar 10 avril 2017

The Federal Government is well on its way to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018. Will insurance companies and employers make the change to include medical pot in their benefits?

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Who is responsible when a self-driving car crashes? Insurance companies aren’t sure yet

par Nicole Bogart, National Online Journalist, Breaking News Global News 13 mars 2017

Fully autonomous cars are on their way to becoming a reality on Canadian roads. What impact will this have on the insurance industry?

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par Jaime Petkanics 13 mars 2017

This question tends to catch interviewee's off guard as they are not quite sure what is expected from them in their answer.

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Waiting for Disruption

par Patrick Vice, Insurance-Canada.ca 22 septembre 2016

An analyst and thought leader recently went public with a post suggesting that disruption is over-hyped and underwhelming from a practical standpoint. I respect the author and the analysis, but I think that we are in uncharted territory, and when (…)

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Straight Talk About Selling Insurance

par Kenneth L. Fields, CIC, CPCU, Property Casualty 360 7 décembre 2015

Creating a relationship between your business and your clients can be easier if you choose your words selectively. Remember, they are your clients, not 'customers'.

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Technologie Assurance pour - Plus de Satisfaction D'Emploi?

par Jill Gregorie, Insurance Business Canada 12 novembre 2015

Avec les nouveau changement dans les technologies d'assurance, il y a certains professionels d'assurance qui a ete inquieter pour leurs securite d'emploi. Ca c'est un point de vue cirtical: Les nouveau technologies d'assurance réellement peut (…)

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These Phrases Kill Your Credibility

par Minda Zetlin, Inc.com 18 septembre 2015

You are diluting your message when you use these habitual phrases… Worst part is… you probably do not even realize it!

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Canada Job Insurance Claims Rise

par Paul Vieira, The Wall Street Journal 21 août 2015

As unemployment rates hold steady, Canadian job-insurance claims have reached an all time high in comparison to the past 6 years.

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