The Effects of Covid-19

The events of this past year have forced organizations to re-examine their existing business practices, revealing inefficiencies in everything from workflow to supply chains to outdated corporate practices and highlighted the critical need for rapid innovation and change. 

Hiring Managers Lack Confidence in Current Hiring Practices

Hiring is difficult even under normal circumstances and Covid-19 has only made the process more challenging. Organizations were forced to adapt overnight with little time for thoughtful planning. According to the findings from a recent Wylie Workplace Learning survey of 3000 hiring managers, nearly half indicated that with the growing demands on their time and the ever-present stress of a global pandemic, they have found it difficult to pivot their processes and dedicate adequate time and resources to the hiring process. In fact, 7 in 10 reported lacking confidence in the overall hiring process.

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A Better Way Forward

The good news is that crisis creates opportunity and provides organizations with a chance to rethink their business and practices.  Rebuilding is necessary but rebuilding better than before promises the biggest long-term payoff. And according to the survey findings, “this conscientious effort begins with organizations equipping themselves with the best talent on the market—sharp, innovative professionals ready to tackle today’s big challenges and create a brighter tomorrow.” So how can organizations accomplish this feat?

Download the "State of Hiring" report for insights and tools that can help you build more consistent hiring practices and increase hiring managers' confidence in selection decisions.

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Lucy Arkell, General Manager

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