La vente d'assurance en toute franchise

Creating a relationship between your business and your clients can be easier if you choose your words selectively. Remember, they are your clients, not 'customers'.

When a sales opportunity presents itself, you don't want to miss it. Ultimately, you want to think about the message that you are conveying to your clients. Are you focusing on the price of the product? Or should it be the overall value of the product that matters most?

Other items to consider the selection of vocabulary you are choosing to use with your clients. There are certain words that you should try to avoid:


  • “Truthfully” or “Honestly”
  • “Contract” – a softer alternative would be “Agreement”
  • “Sign here” or “I’ll need your signature”
  • “Customer” – in the insurance industry, we are all professionals… your customers are your “Clients”

It is important to understand that your clients are different from your coworkers and underwriters. Therefore, you should be speaking to them differently.