Disaster Kleenup Canada..

Disaster Kleenup Canada Ltd (DKC) is a unique organization as it is driven by its membership. Committees, the Board of Directors and Shareholders are comprised of owners of Member companies. Our extensive selection process for new members means that we accept only the best quality, most-experienced, ethical, and stable contractor companies. Members know that our professional reputation depends on the performance of each member so the peer pressure to maintain exemplary services is what keeps DKC strong and recognized as the industry leader. A uniform set of Professional Standards and a Code of Ethics ensures that DKC network members provide full service damage restoration and project co-ordination capabilities, fair pricing, 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency response and recovery action, as well as a written workmanship guarantee. Members are required to regularly attend seminars and workshops to ensure cutting edge technical knowledge and skills, while remaining abreast of the latest industry requirements. DKC is the only organization of its kind, dedicated to co-operative interaction between members, ensuring an unprecedented pool of experience, expertise and technology to deal with major claims or disasters. We respond to over 60,000 property losses a year from our 77 offices across the country. Highly qualified technicians backed by the industry’s most advanced technologies, provide 24/7 immediate response to our insurance and corporate clients. DKC, through its “DKI Advantage” service offerings ensures that your company has these most advanced service techniques of the highest quality with the most competitive pricing to keep pace with the ever-changing face of the property damage restoration industry.
Disaster Kleenup Canada..
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Spécialiste en restitution
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