Description de l'offre d'emploi


Case Manager


Reference : 038468

Status : Permanent, Full time

Work Location : 6951 Westminster Hwy Richmond BC V7C 1C6

Salary : $47.05/hourly, $88,704 annually

Deadline date : 03/08/2024


Are you looking to make a difference? Are you interested in disability management? Case Managers at WorkSafeBC help injured workers return to safe work, recover from their injuries and return to their quality of life. If you are empathetic and can motivate, listen, and support someone going through a difficult time, this might be a great opportunity for you. You will be the main contact for injured workers, supporting them in their recovery. You will work as part of a greater team that may include a physician, psychologist, and vocational rehabilitation consultant. Together you'll help explore opportunities to help a worker retain their employment, support treatment and recovery plans along with the injured worker and their employer. Your role will be to develop and communicate the plan, offer support, and tap into each individual's motivation to recover.


We're looking for client-focused people who can actively listen, understand and communicate complicated information in a compassionate way to stakeholders with various needs. As a Case Manager , you'll leverage your passion for helping clients coupled with your ability to influence and make complex decisions. You'll coordinate services and benefits and facilitate positive return to work and recovery outcomes.


Our Case Managers come from a variety of backgrounds: kinesiology, occupational therapy, nursing, social work, immigration, human resources, insurance, and finance.


How you'll make a difference: You'll provide compassionate, supportive service to people injured at work.


Where you'll work

At WorkSafeBC, we offer a hybrid work model that combines the convenience of working remotely with the dynamism of working in one of our offices, based on the operational needs of the position.


This role includes opportunities to work from home, scheduled days in the office, and meetings with injured workers at their jobsite or treatment facility. These opportunities will be based on WorkSafeBC's priority of providing exceptional customer service.


We have opportunities available in our Burnaby, Courtenay, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Port Moody, Richmond, and Victoria locations. Please let us know on your application which work location you prefer.


Apply now for positions scheduled to start with a training class at the end of April, 2024.


Important to know: We've updated and streamlined our recruitment assessment process for the Case Manager role. Candidates will complete a set of online tests followed by an enhanced behavioural interview.


Independently manage a complex caseload and utilize disability management practices to influence employers, clinicians, providers, internal stakeholders, and workers to facilitate timely, positive return to work outcomes

Thoughtfully create comprehensive case management plans that include action plans, goals, and objectives to promote commitment to the achievement of the plans; chair regular team meetings to review progress towards the objectives and goal achievements

Partner with internal and external stakeholders, including health care providers, employers, and vocational rehabilitation consultants to develop and implement evidence-based safe return to work strategies in alignment with the injured worker's needs

Monitor goals, objectives, timeframes, and assignments to team members and service providers, and evaluate the effectiveness of these plans through continuous communication

Contribute to the development of case management procedures and promote quality initiatives by providing client-centered services through continued improvement in procedures and programs


We're looking for people who can:


  • Demonstrate care and compassion while building successful relationships and developing collaborative and effective recovery and return to work plans
  • Lead by facilitating and influencing others to achieve a desired outcome that considers a worker's individual circumstance
  • Apply law and policy in making decisions about entitlements and rehabilitation measures
  • Organize and prioritize a high-volume workload while dealing with changing and conflicting priorities and deadlines
  • Gather, analyze, and evaluate sufficient critical information
  • Manage a varied and complex caseload with input from your team members on medical, psychological, physical, and financial issues
  • Actively listen, motivate, and clearly explain detailed and complex information verbally and in writing
  • Learn more: Meet Kim, a case manager at WorkSafeBC (video), and learn how she makes a difference to people in British Columbia.



Your background and experience

  • An undergraduate (bachelor's) degree
  • A minimum of three years of experience where you independently made decisions of a complex nature and communicated your decisions with clarity, persuasiveness, and compassion
  • Your experience with complex decision-making must include decisions that require discretion, caution, and judgement – including analyzing facts and issues, integrating information from multiple perspectives, weighing evidence, applying acts, policies, procedures, and other resources to make appropriate decisions
  • General knowledge of disability management and return to work principles
  • Graduate degree, certificate, or diploma in Disability Management is considered an asset
  • Must have a valid BC driver's license
  • We'll consider equivalent combinations of education and experience.



Important to know

Before we can finalize any offer of employment, you must:


  • Successfully meet the legal requirements under the Criminal Records Review Act to work with children and/or vulnerable adults
  • Confirm you're legally entitled to work in Canada
  • WorkSafeBC's COVID-19 Employee Mandatory Vaccine Policy (the "Policy") is suspended effective January 9, 2023, however we reserve the right to re-implement it in response to changes in the public health landscape, including public health orders. We are committed to the protection, health, and safety of our employees and our Communicable Disease Prevention Program and related protocols remain in effect.



Who are we?

At WorkSafeBC, we promote safe and healthy workplaces across British Columbia. We partner with workers and employers to save lives and prevent injury, disease, and disability. When work-related injuries or diseases occur, we provide compensation and support injured workers in their recovery, rehabilitation, and safe return to work. We're honoured to serve the 2.49 million workers and 263,000 registered employers in our province.


What's it like to work at WorkSafeBC?

It's challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. Our positions offer diversity and opportunities for professional growth. Every day, the work we do impacts people and changes lives. What we do is important, and so are the people we do it for.


Our ability to make a difference relies on building a team with a rich variety of skills, knowledge, backgrounds, abilities, and experiences that reflects the diversity of the people we serve. We are committed to fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive work culture where everyone can contribute as their best, authentic self.


Our benefits

As a member of our team, you'll have access to services and benefits that help you get the most out of work and life. Along with a competitive salary, your total compensation package includes:

  • Defined benefit pension plan that provides you with a lifetime monthly pension when you retire
  • 3 weeks of vacation in your first year, with regular increases based on years of service
  • Extensive health care and dental benefits
  • Optional leave and earned-time-off arrangements
  • Development opportunities (tuition reimbursement, leadership development, and more)


Want to apply?

Applications are welcomed immediately, however must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. PST on the closing date.

Please note that we will be starting assessments prior to the closing date.

We encourage all qualified applicants to apply. If you require an accommodation in the assessment process, please email Recruitment Testing Accommodation (SM) when you submit your application.


Please apply online at :

Détails de l'offre d'emploi

Type d'emploi


Secteur d'activité

Assurance dommages
Assurance maladie
Assurance vie
Avantages sociaux collectifs
Fonds commun de placement
Fournisseurs de services
Opérations bancaires
Pharmaceutique – Sciences de la santé
Santé publique
Sciences de la santé – Réhabilitation
Services financiers
Soins de santé
Technologie de l’information

Type de compagnie

Gouvernement - Provincial

Langue(s) exigée(s)


Niveau d'éducation exigé

Grade universitaire

Champ d'expertise

Adjudicateur des réclamations
Comptabilité: Audit
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Gestion de restauration
Réclamations: Réclamations - Vie
Souscription: Souscription - Caution
Réclamations: Actuarial
AD+D Arbitre
Administration: Adjoint(e) administratif(tive) / Soutien
Administration: Administratif
Administration: Administration
Agent de Vie
Vente: Agent(e) de vente
Technologie de l'information: Analyse de systèmes
Autres: Analyse opérationnelle
Arbitre CSPAAT
Autres: Assurance-vie
Assureur de groupe
Autres: Auto Estimation
Autres: Autre
Souscription: Avantages collectifs
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Carpentry
Case Manager
Service à la clientèle: Centre d’appels
Administration: Commis à l’administration
Autres: Communications
Administration: Compétences informatiques
Comptabilité: Compliance-Regulatory
Administration: Comptabilité et finances
Conseiller du Groupe
Conseiller en réadaptation professionnelle
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Construction
Consultant de Souscription
Souscription: Consultant en souscription
Réclamations: Contrôle des pertes / prévention
Souscription: Contrôle des risques
Courtage: Courtage - Commercial
Courtage: Courtage - Groupe
Courtage: Courtage - Particulier
Courtage: Courtage - Producteur
Vente: Courtage - Producteur
Courtage: Courtage - Service à la clientèle
Courtage: Courtage - Spécialisation en marketing
Service à la clientèle: Customer Service - Employee Benefits
Service à la clientèle: Customer Service - Group
Courtage: Customer Service - Group
Technologie de l'information: Développement de site Web
Gestion: Direction supérieure
Réclamations: Enquête
Réclamations: Enquêtes spéciales
Réclamations: Évaluation
Réclamations: Examination des réclamations
Réclamations: Expertise en sinistres
Autres: Formation et développement
Gestion: Gestion
Gestion: Gestion de centre d'appel
Courtage: Gestion de courtage
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Gestion de projet
Autres: Gestion de projets
Souscription: Gestion de territoires
Courtage: Gestion de territoires
Service à la clientèle: Gestion des comptes
Souscription: Gestion des risques
Gouvernement: Gouvernement
Autres: Juridique
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Loss Assessment and Evaluation
LTD Arbitre
Autres: Marketing
Réclamations: Medical Terminology
Nouvel Administrateur des Affaires
Autres: Operations
Gestion: Operations Management
Autres: Programmation
Réclamations: Property Evaluation
Autres: Quality Assurance
Réclamations: Réadaptation
Autres: Réassurance
Réclamations: Réclamations
Réclamations: Réclamations - Automobile
Réclamations: Réclamations - Avarie
Réclamations: Réclamations - Blessure corporelle
Réclamations: Réclamations - Dommage matériel
Gestion: Réclamations - Gestion
Réclamations: Réclamations - Indemnité d'accident au travail
Réclamations: Réclamations - Invalidité
Réclamations: Réclamations - Litige
Réclamations: Réclamations - Obligations
Réclamations: Réclamations - Propriété
Réclamations: Réclamations - Sinistres
Réclamations: Réclamations - Soutien
Réclamations: Réclamations - Victime
Réclamations: Réclamations - Victime et responsabilité
Réclamations: Réclamations aviation
Réclamations: Réclamations responsabilité
Administration: Recruitment
Autres: Réglementation des institutions d'assurance
Réclamations: Réinspection des réclamations
Comptabilité: Reinsurance Accounting
Courtage: Reinsurance Broker
Administration: Ressources humaines
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Restoration
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Roofing
Administration: Saisie des données
Service à la clientèle: Service à la clientèle
Service à la clientèle: Service à la clientèle - Commercial
Gestion: Service à la clientèle - Gestion
Service à la clientèle: Service à la clientèle - Particulier
Comptabilité: Services Financiers
Technologie de l'information: Software Development
Souscription: Souscription
Souscription: Souscription - Assurance des particuliers
Souscription: Souscription - Assurance-vie
Souscription: Souscription - Automobile
Souscription: Souscription - Automobile et flotte
Souscription: Souscription - Avantages collectifs
Souscription: Souscription - Bris des équipements
Souscription: Souscription - Commercial
Souscription: Souscription - D'ordre général
Souscription: Souscription - E&O/D&O
Souscription: Souscription - Ferme
Gestion: Souscription - Gestion
Souscription: Souscription - Maritime
Souscription: Souscription - Propriété
Souscription: Souscription - Propriété et victime
Souscription: Souscription - Soutien
Souscription: Souscription - Stagiaire
Souscription: Souscription - Victime
STD Arbitre
Réclamations: Subrogation
Gestion: Supervision
Souscription: Surety
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Technicien de contenu
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Technicien de l'eau
Autres: Technologie de l’information
Autres: Transportation and Trucking
Administration: Travail de bureau
Vente: Vente
Restauration / Réparation / Nettoyage: Wood Restoration

Expérience minimale requise

3 à 4 ans

Salaire (horaire)

from 47$ to 0$